Armond Wakeup Drops “East St Louis, Too” | @armondwakeup @trackstarz

Armond Wakeup recently released a loose freestyle titled “East St Louis, Too” on which we hear Armond rapping his face off over Drake’s “Emotionless” instrumental. This is the second “East St Louis” song we’ve heard from Armond, The first being “East St Louis, IL” where he rapped over the “Santorini Greece” instrumental. On the sequel Armond is blunt about wanting to quit doing music but he hasn’t put the pen down just yet. Armond gave us a taste of this with a snippet of a video with some of the bars and said he would finish it and put it out later this week. About three days later, Mr. Wakeup was true to his word. Peep the song below and let us know what you think! Did you like “East St Louis, Too?” Are you ready to hear more from Armond Wakeup??! Let us know in the comments!