Behaviors of The Broken Vs. The Whole – Part IV (Comparison)

Full of Comparison

The insecurity birthed out of one who leans to the flesh and to one’s own understanding; instead of what Jesus Christ says about him in his word, causes a comparison, and a constant need to attempt to measure up to a false standard that was never meant for them in the first place. The person who lives like this despises who he or she is and what he or she has to offer while constantly focusing on someone else. This person is broken in a bad way.

Dathan and Korah were already community leaders, who despised their very own position, compared themselves to Moses and Aaron seeking to bring them down while lifting their insecure selves. This is a constant theme with the insecure and broken even now. While they focused so much on Moses’ and Aaron’s calling; their posts or calling from God remained un-maned.

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