3 Main Ways, You’ll Know You’ve Met the One – Part II | @intercession4ag @trackstarz

Singles are often encouraged to lower their standards to prove they are good enough to have somebody. I did this before. I was tired of everywhere I turned having to fight for peace and rest giving explanations to others on why I was still single and not dating. I tried to make it work with a guy who was not on my level, but he was saved.

Of course, I could not be myself all the way. I had to be quiet more about what I saw in his life that was simply out of order for a man who was pursuing a woman of God as not to appear as a nag.

There is no way our relationship would have worked without him coming up on his own. I would have had to operate outside of my role as a woman to be in a relationship with him. I would have had to do both my role and his to a large degree because he did not understand who he was and what his role was and if he did he was operating in rebellion which is another animal.