Davey Asaph Drops New Single | @daveyasaph @trackstarz

Friend of the show, Davey Asaph, dropped his first piece of music in 2018 today. For those who don’t know who DA is check out his two part interview with Trackstarz here. Davey has been hinting at the single “Obvious Truth” for a minute by posting quotes of the feedback he’s received from his family and friends and associates. This song is sure to have you bopping while listening to what Mr. Asaph has to say. When asked about the heartbeat and inspiration behind this song Davey had this to say, “Man I just think we know the truth but we fail to believe it all the time! It’s that Mark 9:24 you know!” Davey also added, “I also think after struggling with this benign brain tumor I’ve really wrested with truth and so it came from that. That whole ‘you don’t know what I go through!’ that inward like fight to have faith that God really got me.” Listen to the single below and stream on Spotify and Apple Music as you learn the “Obvious Truth.”