What Is The Why And When Should You Do It | @jasonbordeaux1 @trackstarz

What, Why, and When are the key term I will be talking about in this post. What is the Why, Why that What, and When should these take place? I do believe that we all have a purpose here on earth. One of the most important things we should try to do is find that purpose and work toward it because it gives us a role to fulfill in God’s plan for us. In that statement I just answered the ‘Why’ should we do it. Our reasons for doing anything varies. We can have multiple reasons for doing any activity. The ‘Why’ should always be greater than the ‘What.’ Our reason for doing anything should always be greater than what it is we are actually doing. When we do it really matters as well.

I believe sometimes God lets us know early on in life what he has in store for us. He doesn’t give us the know how at that moment though. I believe we should always be learning and growing where God wants us to serve. This is in business and ministry. I have learned over the years that not every great idea is meant for now. Sometimes we have to table an idea and work toward a time in our lives to launch. This is not the same as procrastination. Procrastination is putting off something we should be doing now. What I am referring to is waiting until God tells us to start something. I think this time frame is different for everyone who finds their purpose. With that being said it will be hard for some people to know when their “When” is. We need to be in constant prayer and preparation mode, so that when God says ‘go’ we are not stumbling over ourselves to race to the finish line.

I know there may be some theological ideas that may not agree with this article but I have suffered from jumping off too soon and realized that I needed to wait for God to tell me when to start something. That would have saved me a lot of time and money even though I did learn a lesson out of it. I just don’t want you to learn the same lesson the same way I did.

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