Gowe On Track To Reconnect With Biological Mother | ‪@gowehiphop @trackstarz ‬

Gowe seems to be having a good year so far. Earlier he announced his return to music, and now he has a new development in his life. For those who don’t know, Gowe found out that he was adopted at the age of 18. In 2011, he dropped a heartfelt song titled “I Wonder,” which encapsulated his feelings toward his biological mother. Gowe connected with various people and organizations in an attempt to locate his biological mother in Korea. Gowe also asked that people share the video for “I Wonder” featuring Erin Kim,so that Gowe’s message would spread far and wide. Gowe didn’t find his mother and every so often he would restart this search to no avail. But God.


Fast forward to August of 2017, and Gowe geared up for his last real attempt to locate his biological mother. While I won’t spoil what happens, I will say that Gowe’s story should really encourage the Believer of God’s goodness and His faithfulness. For more details on this developing story, check out Gowe’s post. Let us all pray that Gowe’s situation shows the glory of Christ.


For those not familiar with Gowe, feel free to check out his video “I Wonder” which to this day has almost a half a million views. Keep Gowe in your prayers as he prepares to travel to Korea.