Armond Wakeup Set To Drop EP ’40 Days’ | @armondwakeup @wespen_215 @illect @trackstarz

Armond Wakeup has been preparing his fans for new music and looks like he is ready to deliver. Armond Wakeup linked up producer extraordinaire Wes Pendleton to craft the ’40 Days’ EP due out December 8th. The pre-order is live on Illect’s Bandcamp and is sure to be available at digital outlets fairly soon. Go cop the pre-order and support Armond’s first project release under Illect Recordings!





      1.The Mourning

      2. The Hold

      3. The Vanity

      4. The Feels

      5. The Worth

      6. The Mourning (Instrumental)

      7. The Hold (Instrumental)

      8. The Vanity (Instrumental)

      9. The Feels (Instrumental)

      10. The Worth (Instrumental)