Angie Rose Drops New Song “Welcome To Heaven” Featuring Ty Brasel On Thanksgiving Day | @angierosemusik @ty_brasel @zxmbiac @trackstarz

Angie Rose is a lot of things, but you can never say she is not a woman of her word. Around November 19, Angie sent out a challenge to all of her followers on Twitter. She said that if she got 50 retweets she would drop a song on Thanksgiving, and to sweeten the deal she mentioned that the song would have a dope feature on it as well. So on November 23, Thanksgiving, Angie Rose dropped the song “Welcome To Heaven” featuring Ty Brasel with the cover art designed by Zxmbiac. As far as dope features go, Angie went to the cream of the crop, as Ty has had a dope year and been on some dope cuts this year. The song is available to purchase on iTunes or stream on Spotify. Peep the audio below, and if you didn’t think you had enough to be thankful for, Angie gave us all one more thing to add to our list. Let us know what you think and hit up Angie to let her know what you think of her latest offering!