Erica Mason Interview Pt. 2 | @ericamasonmusic @kennyfresh1025 @trackstarz

Today we are continuing with the second part of our interview Erica Mason. For this portion we dig more into who she is as an artist. For part one, check it out here.


TZ: What was the motivation for “Pretty n Radical” and how was the reception to that project?

EM: As a woman, one of the biggest things I struggled with is just being confident in myself. I was clueless about who I was and insecure about how I felt about myself. I went through a season where I learned how much God loved me and how I am literally “to die for” and from that moment I began to accept that fact that I am awesome! I began to understand that my identity is not found in what I look like, what I do, or what society says about me. It’s defined by the God who created me. So I began to see myself as Pretty because outwardly I had to learn to love who I saw in the mirror, but inwardly, I had to learn to see the beauty in myself as well. The word Radical stems from the way I love. I radically love people and I radically love God. So the project Pretty N Radical is about loving yourself and being unapologetic about it. The reception of the project was good it topped 30 on itunes and it was my first project.

TZ: Have any artists reached out to welcome you, give advice, or just talk since you’ve entered the space of CHH?

EM: Yes, a lot of the artists show love!


TZ: Your new single work it out is a PROBLEM. I could see that getting placed on a TV show or a movie in some heartbroken scene. Have you tried getting placement for your music?

EM: Yes, working on that now.

TZ: What’s been the biggest shock you’ve received since you first started making music?

EM: Not everyone who applauds you is truly for you.

TZ: What keeps you inspired to make music and what advice would you give to artists coming into the scene?

When people tell me that something in their life, mindset or emotions changed because of listening to my music. I would tell artist who are coming into the scene to learn who you are, make music that represents who you are and always stay true to yourself.


TZ: Lastly, what does Erica Mason have planned for the next year or so?

EM: I will be releasing a mixtape in the last quarter of this year and an album in the coming year


Erica Mason has been making some noise and will continue to do so! Be sure to keep up with her at her website