Dee-1 Drops New Single Tonight For All His MVPs | @dee1music @trackstarz

Dee-1 just dropped a new single “The Desperate Devil” for all his MVPs!

“I just really wanted to give all my MVP’s a gift. This isn’t for the whole world to have. You get this first. I’ll let YOU share it and spread it. It’s a song I did about the fact that I’ve been experiencing a lot of spiritual warfare on my way to finishing my new album “Slingshot David.” But I’m finished! And the devil knows how special it’s about to be, so he’s been trying his best to knock me down. Remember to stay focused, because evil is intelligent. #MissionVision

I love y’all!

Produced by: @Vferg & Mixed by: Harry Rivera”

We are sharing it to spread the love! Check it out and comment below.