Davey Asaph Interview Pt. 2| @daveyasaph @kennyfresh1025 @trackstarz

Last week phenom Davey Asaph sat down with Trackstarz for the first part of this interview where he discussed a little bit of his background. This week, Davey went into details behind his successful debut album ‘Never In My Wildest.’ Peep the interview below.

TZ: How did you choose the name for your album? What is the theme behind it?

DA: Man the term “Never In My Wildest” fell in my lap. I had another name, album art and everything but I couldn’t shake (NIMW). The term is a play on Never in My wildest dreams. I look at my life being a high school drop-out, from a single parents home, reading at a 4th grade level until I was 18 years old, being from the projects, and honestly think now, “man… I have a family, I have a wife, I have two businesses, I mentor young men and care deeply about my community.” My present doesn’t make sense in light of my past. So basically God’s grace continues to floor me and surprise me in the midst of everything that has and will happen in my life. I would have never seen that coming in my wildest dreams. I tried to highlight God’s faithfulness in areas of life in this project.

TZ: They say you wait your whole life for your first album. Talk about the road to “Never In My Wildest.”

DA: That road was one filled with paralyzing insecurities and fear that weighted me down. I’ve been dreaming about this since I was in the 7th grade. Long time coming. I use to hear dope production and be like I’m not good enough to use it. So it was like I was waiting to get better. I was waiting for the time I devoted to the craft to pay off. So when it went live… I was with my little brother and I was all smiles. What I’ve realized is that there is just as much that goes into after the record drops, as it is getting the record done.

TZ: How did your album chart #23 on iTunes? Especially since you had the project available on Spotify and Soundcloud?

DA: You asking the million dollar question! Honestly, I do not know. If I did I would be selling the recipe… lol! I think one, I lead out with a single that people could connect with in “Who Here.” I think the way I communicated my heart made people interested in what I had to say. Also, I was in a group for 6 years, Spit Unity, who had a nice little following. So that contributed as well. I also was able to create my project and bring people along on the process via social media.

TZ: Your production on this project is very lush and pulls from different genres. How would you define your sound?

DA: Man that’s a question I’ve never thought about. I just like what I like. But man I’m inspired by so many different genres. Like I ride around the hood playing Mumford & Sons. Their music played a part in what I created as well. Jon Bellion and Derek Minor’s versatility helped me step outside of tradition and create something I personally liked. That’s what it’s about. I use to keep my ear to what the radio was doing and what Reach was doing, but honestly, the world doesn’t need another Lecrae or my favorite rapper on the radio. The world needs my sound and perspective. I’ve also always tried to see myself as an equal to artists that I respect and think in that it cause me to create something different.

TZ: My personal faves from the project are “Toluv” and “Greenlight.” What are your fave songs on the project? Either the fave to make or listen to?

DA: Honestly, Par-a-lyzed. I love the song and the verses, hook, and production. I always say it’s the most complete sound on the project. The funniest song to make would be “She Mine.” Bring it talks about my wife that was fun man. Being able to sing on it and all that good stuff.

TZ: You are very transparent on this album. Like real transparent not Christian fake deep transparent and seem comfortable. Why are you so transparent on this project?

DA: I have an obligation to honesty. I can’t say I’m about truth and give you the truth that Christ saves the worst of them and not be honest with my thoughts and experiences. I want people to know that there is hope even when we reveal the ugly truth. Also man, I want people to hear my music and be like, “I can be honest and authentic because Davey was.”

TZ: What’s the main thing you want people to take away from your music?

DA: That in the dark sky of the brokenness of this world that the light of Christ shines bright. Simple. I want to help people walk through life in light of that.

TZ: What’s next for Davey Asaph?

DA: Next is pushing the album and shows. I also have a video coming out next month that  I will have to get over to you guys. Thanks so much for taking the time! It’s honor to be on Trackstarz!!! I pray this is a beginning of a dope relationship!