Todd Bangz – “Christ Is” featuring J. Johnson fka J-Silas| Throwback Theology| @toddbangz @j_johnsonmusic @damo_seayn3d @trackstarz

“There are many things Christ is. So we discern God’s will in the Spirit because many things seem righteous.” 
– Todd Bangz


This is an interesting time that we live in. We have been a very tense nation politically, as well as in our communities. On one hand, people don’t want to be told what to do or they feel they are being judged. Then on the other, we have a president who has kind of run rampant saying whatever he wants no matter how offensive it is and it’s supposed to be ok. Also, if you speak truth that challenges anyone’s lifestyle, it’s called hate speech and is immediately rejected.

Then when something tragic happens, people either question God as to why it happened or run to God for refuge. Why did God let this happen? Or where is God when we need Him? Can He help me in this time of turmoil? Typically these questions come from a standpoint of the expectation of who people think God is and what we expect Him to do.

God is omnipresent. He’s everywhere all the time at the same time. He’s fully aware of all that’s going on. God knows and He cares. Understand also that He is a gentleman and will not just kick in the door into your life. You must invite Him in. He’s already put in place that our actions have consequences. Some things are a result of life just happening. Other things are a result of our bad choices. Either way God can come in and work things together for your good for those that love Him.

No matter the situation or the circumstance, we just have to invite God in. He is not some Genie in a bottle waiting to obey your every command. Nor is He some cosmic Santa Claus just waiting to bring you only the good things you ask for. He is a loving Father who wants to have a relationship with us and protect us from harm. At times, He does have to discipline us when we’ve done wrong. He also has to allow some things to challenge us to help us mature, but He is not some task master waiting to punish us. He is true love and desires to show that love to us.



That leads us into our throwback track of the week. It is by rapper Todd Bangz featuring J. Johnson fka J-Silas entitled “Christ Is.” It’s from his 2006 release entitled “Think It’s A Game.” One of my favorite quotes from this track is, “There are many things Christ is. So we discern God’s will in the spirit because many things seem righteous.” That is the major of point of this song to me. We must stay in continual fellowship with God to see what it is He is doing in our lives and not just use our carnal understanding to determine things that are spiritual.  Check out the track and let us know what you think.  Until next time…

Peace and blessings.