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There are many questions regarding today’s world of college. Will college help me get a job? Is a college diploma worth the cost? How will all these classes help me down the road? These are common questions I heard often in college myself. The answers are different for everyone who is in college. In complete honesty, some degrees are going to be useless in the marketplace. Many degrees will only be useful if you plan on teaching the very subject you are studying. There are a few things you can do during your college experience to help you if you are an entrepreneur though.

  1. You need to make as many good connections with your hard working classmates as possible. Even if they do not want to be entrepreneurs, you could hire them down the road to do some work for you or just reach out for some advice. Having people in all areas of business can help you stay on top of things throughout your journey.
  2. In unison with the number 1, make strong connections with your professors. Usually professors know people in the area you plan on working in. They may help you get an internship or even a job working in the area of interest that you have. Being able to get out into the marketplace you plan on entering will help you learn those hands on experiences. Again, these connections will be useful down the road.
  3. Most colleges and universities will require you to do group projects. This will test your people and leadership skills that you will need to have moving though your entrepreneurial journey. You need to learn how to lead a team. You need to learn how to communicate effectively to meet deadlines. You also need to learn to give critical feedback to others during stressful times. All of these are things that leaders and entrepreneurs both deal with.

Even with all the bad talk about college, you can still work it to your advantage while you are there. Usually the information shared by the professors can be learned online for free. Making those connections is where you will get you moneys worth down the road. So make sure you link up with as many people as possible and get as much leadership training as you can.

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