Single Ladies: Are You Ready For This Responsibility in Marriage? – Part 1 of 5| Blog| @intercession4ag @trackstarz

As women, it’s easy to concentrate on the glitz and glamour of romance in a God-fulfilling relationship with a man, but the presentation of a godly relationship presents more than the lovely opportunity to love and be loved. It presents an opportunity for the man and woman to put into operation the picture of Christ and the church through the beauty of submission. While both the man and the woman are to submit to one another, the woman has the responsibility of allowing the man’s decision to be the final decision, as he is the head and leader of the home. This can be hard when a woman is in disagreement with that man’s decision however this series will show how to handle that.

As women, it is very important that we cover our husbands in trusting their ability to lead us. This is especially important when our husbands display their insecurities or the fact that they just don’t have it all together because those are the moments when they are the most vulnerable.

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