Why Dating a Person With a Religious Spirit is Just as Bad as Dating a Worldy Person| Blog| @intercession4ag @trackstarz

The religious person has the appearance of being in Christ. However, instead of abiding in Christ which means to be so submitted to Christ that a person commits to the process of being a true believer. This process includes a willingness to be led by the Spirit of God and the word of God.

Also, it means allowing refinement and growth to take place through submitting to the word of God continually. The religious person still operates according to the standards of the world. He picks and chooses what he will submit to in God’s word making his own standard of righteousness. Here is the worst part. This man is so prideful in his religious spirit, that he sees no need to change.

Consequently, the person who operates in the above manner is not fit for marriage because marriage is all about growth for both the man and woman. Humility is also very much so required for the married couple to grow. Without it, the marriage will become stunted and die.

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