What’s Love Got to Do With It?| Blog| @trackstarz @ryanmw92

Love is illogical. Love is sacrifice. Love is seeing what is wrong in someone else, and making a firm stand to accompany them even when they seem to be unworthy of your love. Love is not blind; it is a CHOICE¬†to neglect one’s current feelings. It is based upon commitment and desire to see the worth in somebody else. My question is, what does love have to do with it? Why should we love other people? What about the people who don’t feel loved? The answer to these questions are not easy to answer by any stretch of the imagination. I do believe, though, that answering these questions on a deeper level will help us as people learn what it really means to care and love. In today’s world, we see love as an emotional ‘high’ when we like someone. It is so shallow nowadays, and it is quite frustrating to me. We throw the word around like it means nothing. We say that we love someone, but really, it’s just that we like how they treat us and how they look and act. I make a stand to say that love is a choice, even when someone hurts you. Let me answer that first question, what does love have to do with it? No, I don’t mean that song by Tina Turner. Love has everything to do with it. If you look on the news, you see a lot of horrible acts of terrorism and hate. I’ll save the political rants for another blog post. But really, these are hate crimes committed by people who see people outside of their belief system as enemies. To be really honest, that could be said about us. When someone disagrees with us, we get offended and anger builds up. We should see that deep down, we all share a common desire; to be loved. If we take that (no Diddy plug), then I think we will grow in being relatable to everyone.

Next question… Why should we love other people? Well, first off, I am a Christian. If you don’t agree with my faith, it is all good. But, I understand that an immeasurable deed was done for me. I firmly believe that Jesus died on the cross because He loved me, and still loves me, every second of my life. Once that got a hold in my heart, it shows me that I have an honor to show love to other people. To anyone who doesn’t share that faith with me, imagine just wanting a peaceful world. That right there could give a reason why we should love other people. Last question… What about the people who do not feel loved? Well that is a tough question. For those people, just being aware that they have a need and looking beyond ourselves to help someone else. Not only will that give them joy, but it will give you the satisfaction that you helped someone feel loved, the way we all need to feel.

It really is about being aware of other people, and seeing that there are hurting people who need someone they can lean on and who they can feel known with. I know for me, having people in my life that constantly make me feel loved goes a long way. It inspires me to want to show love to everyone the best that I can. In conclusion, love is not something we can just throw around. It is a serious choice we make, and we need to look beyond ourselves, and meet the needs of people around us. After all, we are all human beings in the need for love. Doesn’t that make us all relatable in that sense? I just honestly believe that we would be so much better off if we stopped being concerned about being right, and we legitimately saw people for the needs they have, and tried to actually love other people.

Much Love,