Refreshing and Affirmation for God’s Single Daughters| Blog| @intercession4ag @trackstarz

In a time when encouragement for single women who have been taking a stand for Christ is scarce, it was so refreshing for me to hear the below sermon from Pastor Tony Evans. The name of the teaching series this sermon is found in is called Marriage Matters Part I. It’s a 7 part CD series. I’ve only posted one part, and that is the sermon called, “A Lesson on Romance.”

The lesson looks at the Song of Solomon and it affirms women who have been taking a stand for Christ. It reminds us that it is okay to expect God’s best. There is something that brings freedom and removes the tension, confusion, and shame often associated with being single for a long period of time, when a man of God not only echoes our deep-seated desires for a godly mate, but says with great strength, surety, and authority that yes this is what we should expect and stand on as women of God. Click here to read more.