Love Your Status: A Quick Guide for The Single Woman| Book Review| @intercession4ag @trackstarz

This book does just what it says it will do, which is to persuade or remind us as single women to love our status. It pin-points some very important and enjoyable facts that are unique to the single woman’s experience, such as the ability to enjoy the initial pursuit of an appropriate suitor.

In discerning the suitor according to his actions and not by what he says, we also enjoy the ability to demand to be treated like ladies. She boldly reminds us that being concrete on our God-given standards and some additional preferences that we are willing to embody ourselves, will ensure us that we get just what we are worthy of and that is God’s best.

I love some of the helpful tips that KJ, the author, includes to keep us stable while checking out a brother or even waiting and not talking to anyone at all. Tips include having a thankful journal, questions for each phase of dating, and not taking things past a first date when certain red-flags are in view.

The thankful journal is where she jots down big and small things that she is thankful for. The thankful journal helps to have the right perspective in our season of waiting. Some of her key advice for the first date is not to ask too serious questions, but allow the questions to be broad enough to allow us to see if we’d like to continue to a second date.

One question we should ask initially: Click this link to read the question and more