Psalm ‘Covenant’ Album Review| Album Review| @lyricidalmusic @kennyfresh1025 @trackstarz

A covenant is nothing more than an agreement, but it’s a special sort of agreement. It’s deeper than any sort of contract and for the most part there is no way out of this agreement. Up and coming artist Psalm AKA Lyricidal, brings something special to the table with his project Covenant. Let’s take a look at it, as Psalm takes us on a journey through this project and he has a lot to say! This project is a whopping 22 songs and although all are good quality, we won’t go track by track. Instead we’ll look at some of the standout tracks on this project.

Psalm starts off his project with a very strong titled “If Life is a Contest.” I love the beat, a little electric mixed with hard hitting drums. Psalm paints the ills of the world and says that “life is a contest then we’re all losing.” The next track, is entitled “Here’s To forgiveness” featuring Ville and Stickyknewso. Love the guitar loop and the R&B hook Psalm smoothly glides on this beat. This songs heralds those who continue to fight no matter what life looks like.

Track 3, “Before I Move” is a smooth track with the stand out bars “But if I don’t like the answer, God I don’t wanna hear it/ so I say Jesus take the wheel but I keep on steering” and this hits really hard because it’s so true. Track number 5 “Good Man” is rap rock at its finest, a great throwback to that early 2000s sound but it still bangs. Psalm went off on the second verse with a very intricate rhyme scheme.

Fast forward to track 13 “Come Home”, which may be the song that’s making the most waves for Psalm, getting played on a few Christian radio shows and podcasts. “Come Home” begs the listener to come back home. Very melodic mixed with electronic influence. Reminds the listener they can ALWAYS come back home. The last 5 or 6 get very melodic, insightful and smooth, especially “When it all comes down” featuring Jesse James and Lady Tripp. The very last song on this project “Like a River” is a very special song featuring Nexus & Exigh. Psalm had a dope line “Running in this circle called the human race.” The premise of the song is that life is like a river, it keeps on flowing along, nothing can really stop the flow of time. Bluesy sound with what sounds like a harmonica.

This album Covenant is Psalm’s debut retail album and it doesn’t disappoint. Psalm doesn’t follow the mainstream trend of giving 10-12 songs, but instead doubles that offering a whole lot of music. Enough music for an album and a couple of EPs. This album is a reflection of the promise that Psalm made to The Lord when He changed Psalm’s life. Psalm promised to surrender his whole life to The Lord, and that is evident through this music. Do yourself a favor and go listen to Psalm’s “Covenant,” I’m positive you won’t be disappointed.