Do’s and Don’ts Of Submitting Music| Business With Bordeaux| @jasonbordeaux1 @trackstarz

The next set of posts from Business With Bordeaux are going to be directed to independent music artist. I want to cover some best practices of submitting music and not have artists get passed along for little mistakes that often take place during the music submission process.

First, let’s cover the use of caps, as it seems to be commonly used. I have noticed artists using ALL CAPS WHEN TRYING TO GET THEIR MUSIC NOTICED!!!!! There are a few problems when doing this:

  1. It is not astetically pleasing to the eyes. This is a simple but important mistake that should be avoided. Sometimes we think that using bigger lettering will draw more attention, but often it looks like spam. This should be avoided in the comment sections of other influencers platforms, as well as through email or social media platforms.
  2. It gives the impression that you are shouting at people through technology. Imagine being at a party with 20 people. At the party, people are walking around networking and talking about their music. After a few minutes, someone comes into the room and starts shouting their own name and album title or website domain. It really isn’t going to have anyone running to them to get more information. It will most likely push people away because it is an uncomfortable disruption to the party. This is what it looks like when someone goes into a comments section and uses ALL CAPS TO GET OTHERS ATTENTION!!!
  3. When people use all caps, it looks like they may be overcompensating for the quality of their work. They may not be able to get people to listen to them by just putting out great music, but they feel they need to find a way to draw extra attention to their music. This would be like a lady wearing way too much makeup. She may not feel pretty without the makeup, so she overcompensates through wearing way too much of it. This is similar to what using all caps in promoting or sharing music is like.

Why do I bring up these points in the idea of music submissions?  When you send in music submissions, all these ideas apply in regards to submitting with text in all caps. I often see it in subject lines and in the text sent in with the song and cover art. If you want to include some information or bio when sending in music, please do so in regular text font. It looks much more professional when done like that.

Thanks and God Bless