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I celebrated a birthday a few weeks ago and a sister-in-CHRIST left me this prayer. May it bless you as it has blessed me:

May you have a happy birthday, filled with God’s presence and grace. May your understanding of others and their cultures increase, and enable you to build bridges for the purpose of God’s Kingdom. May you encounter the thumb-print of God on each person you meet, and find his answers on ‘how do I love this person in front of me’ each day. May God so infuse you with his love, that bitterness is far from you. May you find forgiveness for those who wrong you, misunderstand you, or reject Christ’s love so much so that your peaceful countenance changes the dynamics. May you be filled with practical aspects to impact the lives around you for the better, to lift the fallen, encouraging them in their walk, and equipping them to seek the Kingdom of God, and meeting their needs as you are able. May you see that you are not alone in answering the call to love your neighbor as yourself, that you have country-men and brothers/sisters in Christ—world-wide who live Micah 6:8 out to the best of their ability—even if they are flawed and imperfect. May today, celebrate you, and the body of believers who also rely on the forgiveness of Christ.

Grace and peace.