The Power of the Struggle | Blog| @trackstarz @ryguy92

What’s up everyone!!  Something that has been heavy on my heart lately is the term “the struggle”. If I can be honest, I struggled to think of a topic to write about. I feel like most of us struggle with something that we wish we could overcome. I know I do. I read this quote by Robert Tew that says, “The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow.” This put things into perspective for me in a major way, because it makes me think that there is a good thing about being in a struggle. When we come out of it, we are so much stronger than we were before the struggle.

For me personally, I struggle with wanting to control my future. I want to plan years ahead, to the point that I get thrown off if a snag hinders my plans. I know that sounds crazy, but I think we all have some type of plan that we want to control, and the struggle can come when we don’t quite get what we hoped for. Struggle is so beautiful, though. It means that we have the chance to grow and to become wiser, and to realize our potential and the power that we have. God has given us this power, so it is comforting knowing that even when the struggle comes, we have a peace that we will overcome. Community is also a big part of accessing that power within the struggle. If we just hide what we deal with, there is no way anyone can speak into our lives.

In essence, yes the struggle is real. It’s hard to find the right path. It’s a struggle to hear God’s voice sometimes; it’s difficult to actually feel loved, and that we are on the right road to where God wants us to be. I totally understand that. But, there is a beauty in that struggle because our help comes from God, who literally defeated death for us so that we can overcome and be victorious. My challenge and encouragement to us, including myself, is that we look at struggle a different way. Not to see it as ‘oh pity me the struggle is real’ but rather ‘Yes it is hard right now, but there is a reason for me going through this. God, show me the reason and help me to grow stronger as a result of this. Once we get that, I believe our lives will be so much more full of power.