My Introduction To Trackstarz| Blog| @kennyfresh_1914 @trackstarz

Trackstarz was one of my favorite podcasts and radio shows for a good couple of years before I even started writing for them. I love the questions, the dope discussions, and of course Line 4 Line. As long as I had been a fan of CHH, I was largely ignorant of the movement that is Trackstarz until 2014. This is my introduction to Trackstarz.

One of my favorite things about music is hearing about the process that goes into making an album or project, as well as hearing about what the artist is currently going  through in their lives. In about Fall of 2014, I started seeing some interviews from artists that I was beginning to become a fan of such as Social Club Misfits, B. Cooper, Hillary Jane, and many others. I noticed that all these video interviews were from Flavor Fest 2014. The guys asking the questions were asking good questions and I was just impressed. This led to me checking out other YouTube videos from Trackstarz and eventually led to me subscribing to and downloading the Trackstarz podcast.

I’ve been rocking with the Trackstarz ever since then. I’ve been blessed by the topics and hearing from artists that I listen to on how they navigate life and the industry. I love this show and I love what they are doing. I might love it even more now that I get to not only consume what they put out but also get to contribute to their platform. I can see them doing this for years to come and it’s a blessing to get to see it and be a part of it.