Top Ten Music Submissions Of 2016| Music Leaks| @trackstarz

As many of you know, Trackstarz has become a platform for indie artists to promote their music when they don’t have big labels backing them. Many artists who have submitted music to us have signed up for promotion and even joined the Elite Sponsorship program where we give max promotion, as well as distribution through Nectar Distribution. A few artists have been signed to record deals this year after becoming an Elite member.

We try our best to provide as much quality and assistance to indie artist to get their music heard by the world. We have compiled the top 10 songs that have been submitted this year and decided to put them all in one location for everyone to hear. These songs were not picked based on promotion, but on overall quality. If you want to try and make next years list, submit your music to We would love to hear it!

Here is the top 10 music submissions from 2016:

10. Kelly Glow- Show Me The Way

9. Kei-Landa- XXIV

8. Martyr Thompson- ATB

7. A.O.N- Your World

6. J.LiL- So Far

5. D Myles- On My Mind ft. Da T.R.U.T.H

4.  McArthur Church-Anti Trap ft. Eshon Burgundy, Young Noah, & Dre Murray

3. FBC KLIK- 40 Days

2. World Rejects-Hunnit Bandz

1. The Champion’s Kid-Dead Gone