New Year, New Me…But WHY? | Blog| @ryguy92 @trackstarz

It’s that time of year y’all. Christmas is over, and the New Year is about to begin. You know what that means??? All of the “New Year New Me” posts. Already on my Facebook feed, I am seeing people post things saying, “next year I am going to be…” you can fill in the blank for the goals people are setting. Now don’t get me wrong, setting goals for the future are absolutely essential to growth in our lives, but why do we have to wait until the beginning of next year to work on them? Why can’t we set the goals for next year and go ahead and work at them?

I understand that this year is basically over, but that shouldn’t stop us from reaching our goals and working towards the ones we have set even if it is for next year. Personally speaking, I do have goals set for next year, one of them is a relationship (yes, I said it. I am being totally honest). A second goal I have set is to have a certain amount of money in my savings account by a certain time next year. I think for both of those goals, I could wait until next year to really begin. BUT, why would I wait to start on a goal when I can get a head start by a few days?

I firmly believe that setting long term and short term goals are essential for life. I think God wants to be infused in our goals to grow as people as well. The point I am trying to make is that every day, we should make a daily goal for ourselves so that we are being challenged to be at our best EVERY DAY, not just every year. Yes, it is very important to see progress of our long term goals, but we cannot neglect our short term goals. It honestly frustrates me seeing people make those posts, but by the second week of January, they are back to their old ways. I think too that is why living life on a daily basis helps because it helps us to slow down and see how we can be great that day, and watch how we progress through the months into another new year.

What we should do as people, is take personal inventory of the past year: what we exceeded at, and how we can grow from situations and circumstances that happened. We should pray that God would continue to give us wisdom on how to grow in the next year, that we would be open to be changed and to be stretched, so that our capacity to receive will be greater than we would ever imagine. Let us all make 2017 an amazing year, but let us also conclude 2016 in spectacular fashion as well!!!


Much Love,

Ryan W.