Marz Ferrer Dropped Incredible Music This Year | Music Leaks| @marzferrer @trackstarz

Marz Ferrer is a powerhouse of a vocalist. She’s worked with a few names in the CHH scene from Beautiful Euology, Andy Mineo, and J. Givens among others. She dropped her 7 song project “Blur” in 2014 and I hadn’t heard any new music from her in awhile. I happened to listen to Beautiful Eulogy “Only you can save me” and my wife asked who was singing. I hopped on Spotify and to my surprise Marz has dropped about 4 solo songs with the song “Glory” being as recent as this month! Her 2016 music is beyond amazing and it deserves to be shared, heard, and of course purchased. Go ahead and check her music out after the jump and let us know what you think!