Moses Uvere is not only an artist that reps Dallas to the fullest (If you don’t believe he goes hard for his city, check out his “We Ready (Dallas)” Video), but he even goes harder for God. You can truly hear it on his new album “Kingdom of the Fallen.” On this album, Moses not only gives us some certified bangers repping the kingdom, but his tracks also teach us about our identity through Christ. One of my favorite tracks off the album is “All the way 100.” On the track, he speaks against division and embracing your own talents on the hook. He even inspires those that are down or/and lost with hope as we “keep our hands up ten times ten.”

This is a great album. Moses has always been a trendsetter within the sound of hip hop and creates his own lane. This project also shows his maturity and growth as an artist. He gives tracks ranging from party anthems to serious tracks discussing social issues. Make sure you get familiar with Moses Uvere and check our “Kingdom of the Fallen.” Spread The Soup! 

You can grab the Album on iTunes >>> HERE!

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