With every genre of music, there are artists that fans will sleep on. These are artists that have superior skills in their craft, but aren’t mentioned with the mainstream artists. One of those artists within CHH is Armond Wakeup. For close to a decade, he has been giving us genuine music. So, with his “Snooze Button 4” project, he is trying to wake up listeners.

Starting off with a creative intro including Laurence  Fishburne’s famous scream from “School Daze,”  “King Booker” shows us Armond’s warped reality as he wrestles with fame and his flesh. By the time he gets to the end of the track, he understands that “when you’re at your lowest, then you notice what is important.”  He reminds us that sometimes our best weapons in life are a yes and peace.

On “Morning Run,” he speaks against racism and explains that when we are covered in the blood of Christ, we are all the same color. He also lets us know that titles are only important if you have a belt (that’s a wrestling reference).  Next, he goes into “Legends of the Hidden temple,” which makes everyone want a new Kambino album to drop after listening to his verse. Speaking of guest verses, Taelor Gray lays a verse that should go line 4 line against Outkast on “Bodie’s Corner.

Armond goes southern on us with his “Ode to Percy Miller” and explains why he doesn’t want to reap what he sowed through his daughter. Next, Armond is at his best speaking on relationships with “Conversations With My Cousin, Too.” On this track, he teaches that a great defense is a great offense.

Overall, this is a great listen. Armond shines on every track and has a good balance and variety of guests on the project. The project reflects Armond’s maturity spiritually and his writing skills. You can tell that has overcome issues with pride and priorities. You will have to listen to this project various times, because it is full of REPEAT OFFENDERS and bars that will drop your jaw. At the end of this project, Armond proves that it’s time for you to wake up on his work. Spread The Soup!

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