Double | SLVR LNNG Album Review | @Double_atl @Citytakers


A “silver lining” is a phrase used to tell someone there is a brighter side to the problem they are facing. As Christians the silver lining of our dark lives would be when we look to the “brighter side of the son” aka Christ. Double captures this theory effectively with his album “SLVR LNNG.”

He starts off the album with the upbeat rock style produced “Skydiving” featuring Sean Simmonds. Seeing sin as a act of “skydiving,” we hear both artists pleading with God to catch them “as they fall.” One of my favorite tracks off of the album is “Super Fly.” I love the production and Double’s fly flow on this track. I also like how he lives up to the title, tells us about his style and how all his accomplishments are vain without God in his life. Double does a great job with his features throughout the album. Double also has bangers with Shonlock and Uncle Reece  entitled “Trapstar” and  “Salvation” with Plain James and Young Noah. 

Overall, this is a great listen. Each track feels like a single and the listener can hear Double’s passion and how he has turned his life around. Not only was I impressed with Double’s bars, but I was also impressed with how he balanced the album out and had great track placement. If you feel like hip hop/CHH has gone stale or isn’t real anymore, than let Double be your silver lining to your music pleasure. Spread The Soup!


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