Aha Gazelle | Trilliam Review | @ahagazelle @j19music @trackstarz

New Orleans rapper and vocalist Aha Gazelle, after 4 free mixtapes drops his first retail EP, Trilliam. 2 of those mixtapes were titled Beemo and I & Beemo and I 2. This project here was originally going to be the final mixtape to this trilogy and going to be entitled Beemo and I 3, but after some personal planning, Aha decided to do something really out of the box. This is still Beemo and I 3, but now it is a new set of EP’s that all together will be the Beemo and I 3 project. I had a chance to speak with the artist after a show one night and he explained what the meaning of the cover. If you take a look at Beemo and I & Beemo and I 2, you can see on the cover that it’s a big representation of the relationship he has with the fictional character. They both look like great friends who are ready to take on the world. But on this new record, we get something a little different. Aha is relaxing on a beautiful island while Beemo is drowning in the ocean. Many of his fan have shown great concern for why he has abandoned Beemo over social media. Aha made it very clear that it may seem confusing now, but everything will make more since when the projects come out… But in the mean time, let’s dissect this one.

Many people who have listened to Aha over the past couple of years will notice how different this project is from all of his other bodies of work. Along with it being more refined, there is greater attention to detail in his lyrics. Before we get into the lyrics though, I wanna talk about the chops this guy has. This dude can sing and I love how much he is doing it! Aha has always shown some OK vocal work on features and even his own bodies of work. His hit song “Vegeta” off of his Free Barabbas mixtape has over 136 thousand listens on his Soundcloud. He able to bring the same passion over on to some of these tracks with songs like “Carpool,” “Unbothered,” and his single “Supreme.” This is really a craft he has taken his time with and now recently with these new tracks, and even the feature he had on The Social Club Misfits track “Wavemasters.”  It is great to see him using this gift to make himself stand out in the sea of underground artists.

The production of this album is something that seems a bit experimental for Aha. Most of his beats that he raps on were never really too flashy, just something that he could put lyrics too, then blow you away with his message and/or his lyricism. There is definitely more of a trap influence to these new songs and one of the funniest lines he says describes his beats perfectly, “My music make you make the face you make when a baby stink.” I was making the same face when he said that line just cause the beat was going so hard! On most of these tracks he rides the beat real well, while capturing the vibe that the beat was asking for.

Lyrically there is a lot to dig through on this new project. If you were to take this album at face value, then it would seem to be a bit arrogant or even something you would hear off of a Drake album with his issues with trust and his identity. I’m honestly trying to dig through it more thoroughly and trying to decipher the songs as individuals from the more heavy hitters like “All White Party,” “Elevators,” and “Mathematics.” Now every song on here doesn’t have this Da Vinci Code aspect to it.  Some of the lighter lyrical songs like “Supreme,” “Carpool,” and “The Aha Show (Alternate Theme)” have more straight forward meanings with lyrics that are far more fun to sing a long with. Aha is showing great ability to match great lyricism with great beats, and with every new track he seems to be able to blend them more and more.

Overall this is a good album by Aha. The beats are solid, the flow and vocals are great ear worms. It does leave me wanting more and wanting to know what his career is going to look like in the next couple of years. And why the heck Beemo is drowning in the ocean!! Make sure you go get yourself a copy on iTunes, Google Play, and other digital outlets.