Shai Linne | Wake Up Your Alive Video Review |@ShaiLinne @Chicangeorge @Trackstarz #Throwbacktheology

Shai linne has one of the most intricate flows within CHH. You know what… let me take that back. He’s not just one of the best in CHH, he was nominated 4th best rapper alive based on “rhyme factor” done by Eric Malmi! He has been known for tracks like “Be Glorified” to the infamous “False teachers.” One track and video that many don’t give him credit for is “Wake Up Your Alive.

“Wake Up Your Alive” is an excellent track to where the video creates a perfect visual of this symbolic struggle between ourselves and our flesh. As the video begins, we see that the main character is wasting time doing things that really didn’t edify his spirit. We see him playing “Batman  Arkham Asylum.” Ironically, our main character is visited by a “Dark Knight” and the video goes on to reflect how our sin keeps us caged and doing things crazy not pleasing the Father. Next, we see the main character being abducted by strange people and then getting a visit from his flesh/older self. The symbolism from the “sunlight” also shows how our flesh is somewhat like a vampire that tries to suck the holiness out of us.

Overall, this is a classic video! What I love about this video is it’s very creative and done on a small budget. It shows the viewer and fellow artists that you don’t have to have a huge budget to get the vision for your song conveyed through video.  There are more elements that I didn’t even begin to decipher from the video, because there is so many elements to expound. It’s videos like this that help create dialogue about the importance of our salvation and living a holy lifestyle. This video will forever be relevant and be a reminder that we should all wake up and be alive! Spread The Soup!