The Quandary of Desperation (@thisisraysurnet @trackstarz @transparencytm)

The bad thing about physical vision is that it can be misleading. The face that others put on as they prepare for their day can often mislead others to thinking that there is no danger residing in their mind. Desperation is a place that few have been, and survived. The end result of poverty, depression, abuse and other anguish desperation is the crossroad that will forever change our lives, for the good or the bad, however we let it.

We see examples of desperation in the Bible. The man lowered through the roof (Mark 2), the woman with the issue of blood (Mark 5), the man possessed by the Legion (Mark 5). We know how these ended. Jesus healed and restored, preparing and allowing these people to go forward with life. An example of desperation that did not have this same ending would be Judas. Sure, Judas bought his desperation on himself by handing over Christ, but how many of us do the same? Not heeding the advice of our parents, goofing off in school, constantly disregarding the warnings on the job, these are all missteps that can lead us to a place of desperation.

The bills are due, there’s no gas in the car, he or she cheated on you, dumped you, left you with a baby and won’t come back. Desperation takes all forms in our life but it leads us to the same dark pit that only Jesus can pull us out of if we let Him. Desperation is the start of the fork in the road. One road leads to more questions, but with those questions come opportunity, not just to help ourselves out of desperation, but to make some choices that mean our children and their children may not have to face this monster again. On the other road from desperation there are no more questions, except for those left behind.

To Be Continued…

*If you are dealing with depression, desperation or any mental illness or issues please seek help. Don’t stop until you get the help and answers you need. A church can help. Talk to your doctor or healthcare professional. You are loved and your life matters!