Never Be The Smartest In The Room | (@trackstarz @jasonbordeaux1 )

I often have questions about different areas in life. Questions are good though. I used to feel like I didn’t have enough faith in God if I asked questions, because as a child I was always told, “Don’t worry and just have faith.” I have learned that this method doesn’t really help. We should always have faith, but that doesn’t mean never ask questions. It is always helpful to gain a better understanding of things that are of concern. I started learning this in high school when kids asked me tough questions about God, the Bible, and other philosophical questions. I knew very few answers to these questions and decided it was time to start finding them.

As I did this, I knew I had to find some people who knew the answers or at least the way to find them. I had to make sure I was seeking out those who are smarter than myself and absorb as much wisdom as I could. I heard a phrase from Dave Ramsey on his show once, “Never be the smartest person in the room.” If you are the smartest person in the room, then you have no one to learn from. Even though we can learn lessons from anyone, it is good to find some mentors or teachers to help find guidance in life. Even if you are in a position to be a mentor to another person, it is still good to have another person for you to turn to for help.

Knowledge is power and wisdom is key to using that knowledge. Ask God to put people in your life that you can learn from. If you struggle with pride, like me, then it is also important to learn humility. It is hard to listen and learn if you have all the answers, so make sure you know you are not the biggest and brightest. Let’s become better equipped to help others in their quest in life and in search for God. It will be a great joy for you and me to be a blessing to others.



Jason Bordeaux

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