Adalid “Before Greatness” |Album Review | @whoisadalid @trackstarz @kennyfresh_1914

There comes a point in every artist’s career where a project of theirs allows them to turn the corner and reach a higher level. I believe that in the case of Adalid, his album “Before Greatness” will do just that. This eight track album is without a doubt Adalid’s best project to date. The album is one cohesive body of work that speaks to the process before one becomes great. We all know of some great people and mostly their accomplishments, but we always forget about the hard work they did leading up to their greatness. The album “Before Greatness” has laser sharp precision focus on this process and it’s nothing short of amazing.

The album kicks off with an inspiring snippet of a sermon by Bishop T.D. Jakes. Bishop T.D. Jakes speaks about overcoming doubt and struggles on the way to one’s destiny. The first actual song on the project is “A Good Thing” and Adalid speaks to how everything works on God’s timing. Adalid has been rapping for a few years, but things didn’t seem to take off as fast as he would have liked. It’s only years later that he can look through the lens of hindsight and see how God did it for his good. Adalid tells us to be patient and wait for God to do what He does. This may have sparked Adalid’s personal motto, “My Grind, His Time.” Greatness takes time and my favorite song on the project, “Years” featuring Jeremiah Lyrics, does a good job of communicating this universal truth. When you see someone on any platform, you should know they have been “doing this for some years” as Adalid croons on the hook. According to my source, this particular song was done about two years ago just sitting until the right time. This song should serve as an inspiration to anyone wanting to do anything.

The project then transitions to “in Case You Forgot” a song produced by Scott Styles where AD (Adalid) brings some dope bars to remind the listener that he still has it. We live in a world where we all have short memories and Adalid just wanted to remind us that he still has bars. Next on the project is “Grace” where AD does a little storytelling and gives two little snippets of God’s grace to serve as reminders that it’s only through the grace of God that we can achieve greatness. I would not be surprised to hear this next song on the radio. Track number six “Down” is a love song dedicated to AD’s wife and all the women who hold their men down. The production handled by Juice Banger$ and hook by Wxnder Y make this song a homerun that Adalid knocks out of the park. AD must have his pulse on things because he had two up and coming artists on a track. On the way to greatness having a great woman at your side holding you down makes you want to hold her down. Track seven “Foundation” has Adalid spitting on how crucial having the right foundation in the pursuit of greatness is. The foundation has to be nothing less than Jesus and hard work, “Get off your twitter get back on your grind” bar stuck out to me. Too many brag about working hard more than they are actually working and it isn’t a good look.

Adalid’s album closes out with “Might Be My Last” and he opens up about having thoughts of quitting music and walking away altogether. This seems to be the most vulnerable that I’ve heard Adalid be on a song and it’s chilling. On the path to greatness, one often contemplates quitting or if they are doing the right thing in the first place. When this happens, you have to look inside and see where you really are. Adalid gets real introspective and realizes that success is good but when he says, “You can cop the CD but I’d rather you pray,” you have no choice but to feel him. This album is nothing short of amazing and I think it will open many doors and take Adalid to the next level. Do yourself a favor and buy “Before Greatness.” It is available right now!!