Zara Hairston is a Wife, Friend and Encourager| @eshonburgundy @zarahairston @trackstarz

Eshon Burgundy, like many folks has struggled in the past with pornography addiction. By the Grace of God, Eshon has been delivered and now speaks out with his wife, Zara Hairston to help others. In their transparency, others can turn to Christ and be freed. They too can be an ex-porn addict, no longer dealing with the shame, guilt, and soul killing addiction.

There are always two sides to every story in a relationship who has struggled with addiction. Mrs. Hairston would like to share her side and let other wives know they are not alone. She is a Wife, Friend, and Encourager among many other wonderful character traits to her husband. We are grateful for this video and know it will help many.

Please watch and listen to Zara Hairston, as she speaks out in her video:

In addition for those who need immediate support, there is a Christ Centered Recovery program called Celebrate Recovery. This program is designed to support individuals with hurts, habits, hang-ups and addiction of any kind. That is all of us! All of us have something we deal with; otherwise we wouldn’t need a Savior. You can go to CR for procrastination, perfectionism, eating issues, addiction, anything you are struggling with. Celebrate Recovery is a safe place and community of people who want to love and support you. Jesus never meant for us to do life alone. That is why He left His Holy Spirit and Community. Trust me, you cannot find peace avoiding life’s difficulties and struggles, but through Jesus you can find healing, hope, love and deliverance from anything holding you back. At Celebrate Recovery, you can find helpful tools to face life head on and turn smack into God’s Grace.

For more information and to find a CR in your area:

Love in Him always,

Ashley Korth