“Good Religion” Album Review |@DreamJunkies @KingsDreamENT @trackstarz @kennyfresh_1914

King’s Dream Entertainment is known for producing some of the most consistent high quality art in today’s hip hop market and their newest offering “Good Religion” is no exception. King’s Dream always offers lots of incentives for pre-ordering their music, as well as ordering their music directly from them. For example, they have offered maxi singles and digital downloads of the album two days before the rest of the world received it. This independent label and the artists on it delivered one of their strongest albums yet.

The Dream Junkies (Ruslan, Beleaf, and John Givez) are all stellar artists in their own right and they continue to excel in their craft. From John Givez’s hooks and melodies, to Ruslan’s cadences, to Beleaf being hailed as one of the best in the industry, these gentlemen bring the best of themselves and join together to form the machine known as, the Dream Junkies. I knew when NREM Edition dropped; I would be purchasing their retail offering and confidently knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. The “Intro” produced by Jungle Hype, sets the tone for and states the thesis of the album. It starts with Beleaf doing some spoken word and transitions to John Givez singing. It then transitions to Ruslan explaining what “Good Religion” really is. It’s a wonderful intro and a good start to the album. Songs two through four are a strong run on the album. If there is anything that King’s Dream is great at doing, it’s creating wonderful music to reminisce over life. The track “Take Me Back” continues this grand tradition with each emcee talking about life as a child. The song had enough strength to be the maxi single for the rollout of this particular project. Their producer Anthony Cruz definitely created music that captured the mood of this song perfectly. Track number three “Boogie Man” produced by Jruckers and DJ Rek, gives the emcees room to spit double time and with the infectious hook, this song is a homerun. This song was easily one of my favorites on the project. The next song “I Got the Juice” is an infectious anthem type song one can really rally around. Beleaf does the honors on the hook and the crew just goes in on this song, treading the line between confident and braggadocio like only they can.


The album then transitions from high energy to a mellower vibe that you can just ride to. Since these guys live on the West Coast, it is only fitting that “Left Coast” featuring West Coast veteran MURS, is present on this project. Producer Bam Beatz did a good job of capturing the West Coast feel for this song. King’s Dream is never one to recklessly incite controversy but they don’t shy away from it either. Song number six “Shoot Me” is no exception, with all three emcees getting things off their chest and saying if you don’t like it, just shoot them. The standout moment on this track has to be Ruslan’s verse (oh the think pieces this verse could spawn), where he reminds the seemingly short memory audience of certain facts. Without giving too much away, you should go listen to this song, review the history and see the man has a point. The Songs “Show Biz” and “On the Road” give an inside look at the life of those in the entertainment industry. “Show Biz” is a track where all three of the emcees talk about what happens before the show. From Ruslan showing up early for sound check, to John Givez wanting to “bounce the bouncer on his head,” to people asking Beleaf questions about John Givez, the song is sure to make you laugh and shake your head at the same time. “On the Road” is a more serious track about the cost and sacrifice of being an artist that is constantly on the road.


The last few songs on the album are a little more introspective. “Going Left” another masterpiece from Anthony Cruz, highlights all the artists crafting their verses around handling life when it doesn’t go according to plan. The last three songs of the album “Answer Your Call”, “2nd Hand Smoke” and “All’s I need” are songs that make you think. The closing track “All’s I need” talks about how when it’s all said and done, all you need is loved ones in your corner and Jesus. This is a very fitting closing for an album talking about good religion. This album is a must buy for every collection, and it gets better with each new listen. King’s Dream doesn’t disappoint with their music and “Good Religion” is no exception. Do your ears a favor and listen to this project.