Discernment vs Dissension Why It’s Just Not Worth The Fight (@thisisraysurnet @trackstarz)

There is no one particular starting point for differences within the Body of Christ.  Even as far back as Corinthians, Paul had to stop them from arguing over whose name they were baptized in.  Not everyone was sure it was in the Name of Jesus. At one point, it was so bad for Paul he was happy to have not been there at all!

When it comes to the Body, we are all members! We have separate functions and play separate parts but we all take orders from the same “Brain” to complete our ultimate goal.  In my study of anatomy, it always amazed me how the brain and nervous system are able to control our complex machine, the body.  Everything else in life is plugged in or has to be connected at some time or another to be charged.  Not we humans; our brains control our heart, which pumps the blood to every member and keeps us going. Only and truly by the Grace of God.

God being our brain, the Holy Spirit being our hearts, where is the information being spread? Why does it seem different parts aren’t getting the same information?  When we see this in humans, we label them deformed and disabled.  We determine they can not function the way they are designed to and need special help and accommodations.

What do you think the world thinks of the Church? What are those that need this very gospel thinking and saying of our dysfunction and deformity?  In light of recent social media blasts over the past few weeks, it’s even harder to keep family business in the family.  We are supposed to take our disagreement to other believers before we share them with the world but the use of 140 characters has done away with that protocol.

We are not doing a disservice to ourselves.  We are doing a disservice to a dying world that needs the message of Christ.  We, who have been so fortunate to have known salvation and freedom from sin and slavery, have become so distraught over nuances that we are forgetting to let the blessings flow through us, not die in us.  The very same way the body takes what it needs and passes the rest, is the way the gospel and blessing of Jesus Christ are supposed to flow through His Church and His people.

There are souls dying! People are hurting. Men, women and children are suffering. The poor man that Jesus was, is waiting to be clothed and fed.

It’s not an issue. It’s not that deep. Let’s get back to serving the people what they need. The Gospel.