Crawl Before You Ball @trackstarz

My 5 month old is learning how to crawl.  I know, not the hottest thing in CHH but God is using this to teach me about Him, patience and perseverance. Everyday my daughters come and set my son in crawling position and he moves his little body to make his move. We cheer him on […]

Datin “The Roar” |Album Review|@trackstarz @Datin_TripleD @jasonbordeaux1)

The highly anticipated album from God Over Money’s Datin finally dropped on Feb 12th. It is Datin’s first album since signing to God Over Money. The Roar (Rise of a Revolution) is an album that holds nothing back. -“The Signs (Intro)”- This album hits the ground running, as Datin describes the current ways society is […]