Thi’sl Releases New Single “Frauds” | @thisl @dhoodnational @trackstarz

Mr. Urban Missionary himself Thi’sl recently released a blistering song called “Frauds” produced by DHood. On this song Thi’sl speaks about people who act like they are riding with you but when things go down you find out they were really fakes. Thi’sl has some things to get off his chest and I’m sure the […]

Joey Jewish Drops Loose Change Music Video | @joeyjewish @trackstarz

Joey Jewish recently released a music video for the wildly popular song “Loose Change.” This song can be found on Joey’s ‘The Vantes Project 2’ and can be copped here.  Peep the video below and stay tuned for more heat from Joey Jewish! What do you think of the YungMac Films directed music video? Let […]

Swoope Drops “All The Time” Music Video | @mrswoope @trackstarz

Swoope has been fairly quiet this year, outside of a couple of singles and an announcement about the January release of his upcoming album, he’s been very lowkey. Well Swoope just dropped the music video for the anthem “All The Time!” This single was met with rave reviews, and the way Swoope brought it to […]

Young Noah Announces New Album ‘Vibe Theology’ | @realyoungnoah @trackstarz

Young Noah has been “dropping singles like crazy” in his own words and now he has revealed why. Sometime in the month of September Young Noah will unveil his newest project ‘Vibe Theology.’ What does that title mean? In Noah’s own words it means to surrender your feelings or “vibes” to the Lord. Young Noah […]