Religion vs. Relationship: What’s the Difference?| Blog| @trackstarz @ryanmw92

Religion vs. Relationship…such a hard topic to talk about nowadays it feels like. When the topic of religion comes up, I feel like people separate based on these two words. Why is that? I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this subject. I know personally speaking with my faith, I have experienced both sides […]

Label RMG Unveils RMG Amplify| News| @rmgtweets @thederekminor @trackstarz

When Reflection Music Group (RMG) Label posted Konata Small’s Rapzilla premiered video “Numbers,” a lot of questions were asked. Is Konata getting ready to drop an album? Did RMG sign Konata? What’s going on? RMG then went to loosely reference something called “RMG Amplify” and said they would explain what it was at a later […]

What’s Love Got to Do With It?| Blog| @trackstarz @ryanmw92

Love is illogical. Love is sacrifice. Love is seeing what is wrong in someone else, and making a firm stand to accompany them even when they seem to be unworthy of your love. Love is not blind; it is a CHOICE to neglect one’s current feelings. It is based upon commitment and desire to see the […]