Alert312 Releases New Album “Joy King Supreme” | @alert312 @humblebeast @trackstarz

The Streetlights Team has dedicated years to dynamic Bible Translation and passionate Bible Teaching, but another voice God has given them is through Alert312. Through passionate conviction, the Streetlights Team (Loren La Luz, Esteban Shedd and Aaron Lopez) use Alert312 as a relevant, creative Gospel Proclamation voice through hip-hop music and live performance. They have recently…

Aaron Dews Returns With His New EP ‘Dick Grayson’ | @aaronddews @trackstarz

Aaron Dews returns as his alter ego, Dick Grayson, with a fun and bouncy EP, “Dick Grayson”. This is the unofficial soundscape for the DC character and his new found identity and independence. This project features the innovative production of AMKG, Okhiphop, and Aaron Dews, himself. Spotify: Itunes: Google Play: