Dee-1 Releases New Single “Hi Mom” | @dee1music @trackstarz

Dee-1 AKA Dee Uno is back with this banger “Hi Mom.” This song is reminiscent of bystanders with the “Hi Mom” signs when the news media outlets are recording. With all that’s going on, Dee-1 took time to make a song for his mother assuring her that everything is fine. Dee-1’s mom would be right […]

Dee-1 Drops “It Ain’t Safe” Single | @dee1music @trackstarz

Dee-1 AKA Dee Uno is back with another dope single! This time around the NOLA native dips into his R&B bag and sings a dope love song about a very special lady. Dee-1 recently slid through the Trackstarz studio and said the next album of his to be released will be called ‘God and Girls.’ […]

Dee-1 “It Ain’t Safe Music Video” | @dee1music @trackstarz

Dee Uno AKA Dee-1 brought us a feel good summer vibe in the form of “It Ain’t Safe” music video off of his ‘God and Girls’ album he released back in July. Peep the hilarious video as Dee-1 attempts to learn some modern dance moves and sing to his love interest in this video. what […]

Dee-1 “I Know God” Music Video | @dee1music @trackstarz

A week ago, Mr. Mission Vision himself, Dee-1 released his album ‘God and Girls.’ The album quickly shot up to the top 10 on Apple Music, and Dee quickly followed up with the release of a music video for the single “I Know God.” Peep this music video below as Dee-1 speaks of not knowing […]