What is an Intercessor? | (@trackstarz @Intercession4aG)

An intercessor is a watchman who stands in between God and man praying on behalf of what he sees, and what God lays on his heart. Jesus Christ was the number one intercessor. He stood between God and man making intercession on man’s behalf. The foundation of intercession is found in the book of Ezekiel […]

Never Be The Smartest In The Room | (@trackstarz @jasonbordeaux1 )

I often have questions about different areas in life. Questions are good though. I used to feel like I didn’t have enough faith in God if I asked questions, because as a child I was always told, “Don’t worry and just have faith.” I have learned that this method doesn’t really help. We should always […]

Lecrae and The Higher Learning Experience| (@trackstarz @lecrae @jasonbordeaux1)

Lecrae’s Higher Learning tour is coming to its close. Lecrae has been touring around the country stopping at many colleges and other venues to share the gospel and share his perspective of life through his music. During his performances, Lecrae often stopped to discuss different issues and share testimonial experiences. I would like to share […]

CHH and the Myth of Accountability | @trackstarz @kennyfresh_1914

What does it mean to hold someone accountable? Is there a qualifier that makes you a good candidate to be an accountability partner? I was unfamiliar with the concept of accountability before I started to listen to Christian Hip Hop but now I believe I grasp the concept. Being accountable to another person from what […]

“Secular” Collaborations in CHH |@trackstarz @kennyfresh_1914

Quit your job. I need you, the reader of this article, to quit your job. Tell your employer that you can no longer “sit in the seat of the scornful,” cannot mix light and dark, and can’t work with secular people. You have no prospects of a job but now you can breathe easy because […]

Money Is A Tool (@jasonbordeaux1 @trackstarz)

In today’s church I hear so much talk against money. It seems as if money in itself is evil and should be avoided at all cost. If any churches have an abundance of money than they are often deemed as crooked. Should it be that way? How can we change the thought of money in […]

What’s In A Label? | @trackstarz @kennyfresh_1914

In the beginning there was music, and then there was rap music, followed by Christians doing rap music. Somewhere along the line the title “Christian Rapper” was made and all was seemingly right with the world; until some Christians were doing rap and just wanted to be known as rappers they just happened to be […]

Heart Check | @trackstarz @Intercession4aG

I love to do something called a heart check periodically. A heart check is a check of how tuned in my heart’s affections are toward the things of God. Most importantly, how in tuned my heart’s affections are toward the greatest commandment: He answered, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with […]

The Quandary of Desperation (@thisisraysurnet @trackstarz @transparencytm)

The bad thing about physical vision is that it can be misleading. The face that others put on as they prepare for their day can often mislead others to thinking that there is no danger residing in their mind. Desperation is a place that few have been, and survived. The end result of poverty, depression, […]