Hall Of Faith | @CoachDPolite @Trackstarz

Throughout the years I have heard people make statements depicting the relationship between faith and circumstances as a direct correlation. Maybe you have heard someone say, “You are having this problem because you do not have enough faith.” We tend to judge people’s faith according to their circumstances. If they are in a bad circumstance […]

Anthems, Pledges, and Protests | Blog| @kennyfresh_1914 @Mike_Sarge @trackstarz

Colin Kaepernick of the 49ers has made national news ever since he didn’t stand for the National Anthem. This “controversy” has sparked many conversations about protests and patriotism and many people have their own opinions. The vitriol spewed from the hateful online people was astounding and yet surprisingly familiar. People have equated not standing for […]

Open Ears | Ten Rappers Who Can Sing | @kb_hga @joeyjewish @johngivez @ahagazelle @thederekminor @tjpompeo @andymineo @sothekid @nfrealmusic @gemstonesforlife @trackstarz

It’s always nice to hear something new come from hip hop artists. Whether it’s flow patters, lyrical content or ambitious production, there is just something special when you hear a rapper try out their vocals a little bit. Here are 10 hip hop artist who can actually sing very well with little to no auto-tune. 1. KB […]

The Coulda Woulda Shoulda Squad| Blog|@kennyfresh_1914 @trackstarz

  Right about now people are still either raving about Suicide Squad or lamenting how it wasn’t as good as the comic books. However, there is another “squad” that needs to be highlighted and many of you know someone who runs with this crew. I believe we all know someone who has great ideas of […]

Why You Should Go See Ben Hur | @Intercession4aG @trackstarz

If you are like me, maybe you remember your parents watching Charleton Heston in the original depiction of Ben Hur, and perhaps you did not understand what it was. I remember during the 80s watching Ben Hur with the parents not having any idea. It was written off in my mind as just another Jesus […]

Water Cooler Baptism |Witnessing In The Workplace| @CoachDPolite @Trackstarz

The last couple of weeks we have been exploring the concept of ministry for the laymen of the church assembly. In this Witnessing In The Workplace series, the first discussion I questioned to whom is the responsibility of ministry given. The second discussion sought to examine the opportunity of ministry for the layman, and issued […]