Review of Passion Conference 2017 | Blog| @RuyGuy92 @trackstarz

What’s up everyone!! I must say, I am EXHAUSTED, but not in a bad way. Beware, because this may get long haha. For the past three days, I have been at Passion Conference 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia. Gathering with 50,000 other 18-25 year olds, we all lifted up the name of Jesus to bring in […]

My Introduction To Trackstarz| Blog| @korthwest @trackstarz

Growing up on the west coast and in a home listening to “smooth” jazz lol (my mom always had music going and still does), I became a lover of music at a young age. With that love of music, came dance and putting on dance shows for my family in the living room. I loved […]

Responding To The Market| Business With Bordeaux| @jasonbordeaux1 @trackstarz

There are always changes going on in our society. Everyday we are introduced to new ideas that are changing the way we do business. 20 years ago, taxi service companies were building up a business across major cities in America and after all those years of perfecting the business, Uber came and pretty much knocked […]

My Introduction To Trackstarz| Blog| @kennyfresh_1914 @trackstarz

Trackstarz was one of my favorite podcasts and radio shows for a good couple of years before I even started writing for them. I love the questions, the dope discussions, and of course Line 4 Line. As long as I had been a fan of CHH, I was largely ignorant of the movement that is […]

The Life Of An Artist: About Last Weekend| Blog| @kennyfresh_1914 @trackstarz

As an artist there are times when a performance or certain events give you so much life. Your favorite artists will often talk about what they don’t like about being an artist but there are definitely good moments. I had an amazing weekend of poetry on December 17th and 18th filled with so many lessons […]

New Year, New Me…But WHY? | Blog| @ryguy92 @trackstarz

It’s that time of year y’all. Christmas is over, and the New Year is about to begin. You know what that means??? All of the “New Year New Me” posts. Already on my Facebook feed, I am seeing people post things saying, “next year I am going to be…” you can fill in the blank […]