Music, Ministry, AND Business |@trackstarz @kennyfresh_1914

The music industry is nothing short of treacherous, and while this is common knowledge, many still seek to pursue a career in music. When you go back to watch movies and television shows, you hear and see how people were taken advantage of. Artists who were used until they had nothing left, or in some […]

The Trigger No One Is Pulling | (@trackstarz @thisisraysurnet)

I once heard an elderly man say, “no one wants to talk about prayer.” He recalled over the years hearing countless men and women of God tell him that their calling was to any one of the five-fold ministry positions. He had heard from countless preachers, teachers, prophets and evangelist.  Now, he asked the audience, […]

3 Things Birdman Taught Me About “Respeck” | @Chicangeorge @Trackstarz #MirrorMoment

Within the entertainment industry, interviews are an essential part of the business. As someone watches the interview, they can learn a lot about the person being interviewed or the person that is actually doing the interview. Sometimes, you can see powerful and insightful interviews and sometimes you can see interviews end in disbelief and confusion. […]

Cheers to the Guys Who Make Us Smile| @intercession4aG @Trackstarz

In a time where the disappointment for many women is so real, we often wonder are there any good Godly brothers? Just when we want to close up our hearts, and give up on all hope; then a brother comes along and makes us smile, reminding us of why we had the dream for real […]

Don’t Feed The Trolls | @trackstarz @kennyfresh_1914

What is something that everyone has but everyone doesn’t always want? The answer is: An opinion. We all have opinions about subjects we are passionate about and offer them online, whether they are welcome or not, is a whole different conversation. If you have been a part of the Christian Hip Hop culture for any […]

What is an Intercessor? | (@trackstarz @Intercession4aG)

An intercessor is a watchman who stands in between God and man praying on behalf of what he sees, and what God lays on his heart. Jesus Christ was the number one intercessor. He stood between God and man making intercession on man’s behalf. The foundation of intercession is found in the book of Ezekiel […]

Never Be The Smartest In The Room | (@trackstarz @jasonbordeaux1 )

I often have questions about different areas in life. Questions are good though. I used to feel like I didn’t have enough faith in God if I asked questions, because as a child I was always told, “Don’t worry and just have faith.” I have learned that this method doesn’t really help. We should always […]