Wounds From A Friend| Blog| @trackstarz

As I lay here in bed, a friend entered my thoughts. Feelings of frustration, disappointment and hurt quickly rose up.Thoughts such as “I can’t believe he said that to me!” and “Who does he think he is!” started firing off- all of them blazing back at me. I realized I was holding a huge and […]

The Power of Community| Blog| @RyGuy92 @trackstarz

The power of community. Community is such a powerful source of strength in our lives. I can say that I am proudly apart of amazing communities. The first being my College Community at Passion City Church!! That place has helped me grow in so much the past couple of years, and I am truly grateful. […]

My Intro To CHH| Blog| @kennyfresh1025 @boneysoprano @trackstarz

Christian Hip Hop (better known as CHH) has been around for a nice little minute. One of the things I love most about it besides the music itself, are the stories of how people first came to discover it. It’s interesting becasue a lot of artists who were involved when the genre first started, thought they […]

My Introduction To Trackstarz| Blog| @iamjeremaya @trackstarz

I always wanted to be apart of a CHH/urban gospel radio station. It’s a dream of mine to own a station that plays good quality CHH & urban gospel music. I was DJing at a Destinations event and at youth events at different churches. Seantana was over Destinations and I met him in our former […]

My Tribute| HYMN Sunday| @korthwest @trackstarz

Growing up in the OC, we had very few churches that had Hymnals for worship and celebration. Since moving out of state, I have been attending a church with Hymnals and I can not begin to express the blessing it is to sing these songs. They are deep, honoring, meaningful and so expressive. For the next few […]