What CHH Can Learn From The WWE | @chrispyakakon @trackstarz

This may seem like a weird comparison but stick with me. WWE may have a stereotype as ‘fake’ but that’s as misconstrued as CHH being corny. In that regards, consider what our sub-genre can learn from the squared circle. First, what is WWE? WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment (keyword: Entertainment). It is the global […]

10 Things Artist’s Should Do During Quarantine | @luckymurray @trackstarz

TZ Guest Writer Article by Luck Murray April 2020 We are in quarantine from COVID-19 (coronavirus). Like most artists, you are probably out of work, and you are at home. During this quarantine, here are ten things you should do inorder to capitalize on your time at home. These are in no particular order, but […]

‘The Crimson Six’ Comic Book Coming Soon | @whatishaydendrawing @trackstarz

‘The Crimson Six’ Comic Book by: Hayden Cockrill Coming to you this June 2020 on Amazon ‘The Crimson Six’ Comic book! Story/plot behind the book: Beneath the history of mankind, an ancient evil has lurked. A nightmarish master plan orchestrated from centuries past will plunge humanity into oblivion, paving the way for a new world […]