What Is A Woman Documentary Review | 5 Least Favorite Live Action Comic Character | @solomonsporchpodcast @trackstarz

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Levi Mann Drops New Song “For The Lord” | @itslevimann @trackstarz

My name is Levi Mann. I’m 22 years old and I’m from Sylva, North Carolina . I was raised in a small town with a family that loved Jesus and worked hard to provide for their families. I was born with a rare disorder called moebius syndrome  that made life as a child filled with challenges but with […]

Mike E Shares Why He Is Comfortable Being “Weird” | @mikeeisel7 @trackstarz

WEIRD & PECULIAR is a burning light that will affect dark places of self-hatred, oppressive thinking, and feelings of no self-worth. It’s filled with hard hitting truths that can transform lives. The entire experience is a journey to freedom. MIKE E wants the listener to learn to be bold in being who God created them to be. To understand that different and originality […]

Should Christians Boycott Disney | Top 5 Disney Animated Films | @solomonsporchpodcast @trackstarz

In this episode Jason and Shawn discuss the latest trend of boycotts against Disney and whether or not Christians should boycott the organization. Even with that being the main topic, they share their top 5 animated Disney films in this round 5. News (00:01-12:08) Glenn Ray – Dead Kings (12:09-14:32) Top 5 Disney Animated Films […]