Gawvi| We Belong| Album Review| @gawvi @j19music @trackstarz

Last Friday, March 31st, Reach Records EDM artist and producer Gawvi dropped his debut LP ‘We Belong.’ Gawvi for many years has been a huge name behind the scenes with huge production credits to some of the biggest songs to come out of Reach and other CHH songs. Last year, he was officially signed to […]

Open Ears | 10 More Rappers Who Can Sing | @j19music @trackstarz

Several months ago, we posted an article of Rappers who can sing.  The response was so good, I decided to add to the list. Many of you have given me names of people who I forgot to mention or just didn’t have room for. Just remember that these list are in no particular order. Be sure to check […]

Beleaf – Mumble Rappers | New Music| @beleafmel @j19music @trackstarz

Beleaf is by far one of the busiest rappers now a days. One thing that’s really cool about him is that he puts out new music almost monthly and still gets great feedback with almost no advertising of his new stuff. Well if you guys haven’t heard it yet, here is another song by Beleaf, […]